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"My Blood Sugar's Dropped 66 Points in 10 Days!"

-Dr. K. Lahiri PhD, FIC, C. Chem

By personally using Gluco Ensure M.D. for 10 days, my blood glucose level, tested at random, has significantly decreased from 198 mg/ml to 132 mg/ml. I feel more energetic and vibrant than before! Synthetic anti-diabetic drugs have several side effects, where Gluco Ensure M.D., an herbal preparation with vitamins, has no ill-effect. I now prefer GlucoEnsureMD over any other prescription or non-prescription drug I have come across. Source - Gluco Ensure M.D. testamonial

Drew Hansen, Kansas City

"Gluco Ensure M.D. saved my life and my wallet! I stopped taking prescription drugs shortly after taking Gluco Ensure M.D. because it regulated my glucose levels and gave me the energy I desperately needed in order to coach my son's baseball team after work."
Source - Gluco Ensure M.D. testamonial

Amanda Moore, Arizona

“After two weeks of taking 1 pill with each meal my fasting blood sugar went down to 103 from 134! I was shocked that something so simple could make such a positive impact on my health.” Source - Gluco Ensure M.D. testamonial

Paul Melvin, Florida

“When I first started taking it my glucose reading was as high as 431, my low was yesterday after lunch at 284. I am reading it pretty regularly and have been at it for about 2 weeks now.” Source - Gluco Ensure M.D. testamonial
living with type 2 diabetes - message from the President of Gluco Ensure MD
A Message From The President
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"In May, I attended my beloved Uncle's funeral, where I was able to see family that I haven't seen for awhile. Throughout the time of my visit I learned that 2 of my family members are full blown diabetic and 3 are pre-diabetic. The one thing that I found most interesting was that none of them seemed to be alarmed about their health situation. After I asked them a few questions to better understand why...What I found was they had already visited their doctor and were prescribed medications that were not natural and included a bunch of side affects. After explaining that GlucoEnsureMD was all natural and showing them diabetics who had lost limbs and some that eventually lost their lives because those individuals did not take action. Naturally, they agreed to give GlucoEnsure MD a try. Before taking GlucoEnsure MD, my Grandma's blood glucose level came in at 134. After a couple of weeks using GlucoEnsure MD they came in at 104. This is just one example of how easy an individual can take back control of their life. And it is examples like this that makes me more passionate about finding ways to educate the masses about GlucoEnsure MD." 
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  •  Reduces glucose absorbtion in the intestines
  •  Reduces glucose production in the liver
  •  Increases glucose uptake in the cells
  •  Promotes heart, blood vessel and circulatory health
  •  Contributes to weight management 
  •  Produces glucose protein deposits 
  •  Gives you the energy you need to make a lifestyle change
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