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How Does GlucoEnsure M.D. Work?
A Unique Scientific Breakthrough: GlucoEnsure M.D. contains powerful herbal extracts of eight ingredients specifically chosen for their synergistic benefits on blood sugar and overall health. Each of these natural ingredients has been meticulously studied in hundreds of academic studies and dozens of double blind, placebo controlled, clinical trials. 

Many of the ingredients have been used for centuries in Ayurvedic and Eastern medicine. While each ingredient could stand on its own in terms of its health benefits, GlucoEnsure MD is the first to combine them into a powerful proprietary blend.

GlucoEnsure M.D. is a non-prescription, all natural, supplement that utilizes a scientific combination of natural herbs that have been clinically proven to help control your blood sugar levels! 

While you could attempt to go out and try to add each of these fruits, herbs, and phytonutrients to your diet; it would be nearly impossible as many of the ingredients are only available in tropical rainforests scattered around the world. GlucoEnsure MD harvests these natural ingredients at the peak of freshness and concentrates them into an extract that can be conveniently swallowed as a pill..

There is No Natural Pill that can compare!
GlucoEnsure M.D. is effective because it works by naturally affecting the body at a cellular level to reduce insulin resistance and assist with glucose regulation.
GlucoEnsure M.D. is the most popular natural solution for men and women of all ages worldwide who are battling to maintain healthy blood sugar levels! Studies have shown that over 80% of the U.S. population above the age of 60 is considered pre-diabetic and at high risk of developing full blown diabetes. Therefore, anyone that currently has high blood sugar or who is over the age of 50 should be monitoring their blood sugar and considering making lifestyle changes.
GlucoEnsure M.D. is a proprietary all natural supplement formulated to specifically help:  
  •  Reduce glucose absorption in the intestines
  •  Reduce glucose production in the liver
  •    Improve the health of pancreatic insulin producing cells  
  •  Increase glucose uptake in the brain, heart, and muscle cells
  •  Promote blood vessel and circulatory health
  •  Lab proven to reduce multiple markers of inflammation
  •  Support Healthy Cholesterol Levels
  •   Support healthy triglyceride levels
  •  Contribute to weight management
  •   Reduce dangerous and unsightly deep belly (organ) fat
  •  Produce glucose protein deposits  
  •  Give you the energy you need to make a lifestyle change
  •  Promotes Healthy Brain Cells and Provides Neuroprotection
How Do You Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar?
A balanced diet and exercise typically keeps your blood sugar levels in check; but not always. Unfortunately, as we age our body gets less and less efficient at metabolizing glucose. The cells that produce insulin in our pancreas also become less efficient with age. The result is that insulin sensitivity decreases and more insulin is required to metabolize a given amount of sugar. This leads to rising blood glucose levels, inflammation, and damage that begins occurring to organs and tissues at a cellular level. Finding ways to reduce glucose absorption in the intestines and glucose production in the liver will help maintain normal blood sugars levels. Also, consuming nutrients that support healthy pancreas insulin output further helps to improve insulin sensitivity.  
GlucoEnsure M.D. Helps Reduce Absorption of Sugars and Other Carbohydrates
Two of the eight key ingredients are Gymnema sylvestre and Jambolana. Gymnema is a plant of the milkweed family and Jambolana is a tropical fruit. Each has unique chemical properties and structure that keeps your intestines from absorbing all the sugar in meals. The sugar that isn’t absorbed simply passes through your intestines and is excreted. Less sugar being absorbed means lower blood sugar. [2] [17] [20] [23] [24]
GlucoEnsure M.D. Increases the Skeletal Muscle, Brain, and Heart Uptake of Glucose
Several of the ingredients in the proprietary formulation work by increasing the amount of glucose that is transported from the blood and into the skeletal muscles, brain, and heart. Although they work via a variety of mechanisms, the primary way this is done is through increased action of the GLUT4 transporter that is responsible for taking glucose out of the blood and bringing it into the muscles. The glucose is stored as glycogen in the muscle and can be used for energy at a later time. In addition, cinnamon can act as an insulin mimetic, decreasing your body's need for insulin and lowering your overall insulin sensitivity. The effects of increased uptake of glucose and decreased insulin output requirements combine to give you a nearly twofold increase in insulin sensitivity! [6] [9] [11] [13] [21] [23] [28] [30]

GlucoEnsure M.D. Promotes Heart, Blood Vessel and Circulatory Health
All the ingredients in GlucoEnsure MD have a component that helps to decrease inflammation in the body. Some act as direct antioxidants and others can activate powerful pathways in the body that are our natural antioxidant system. In addition, many of the ingredients have been proven to decrease triglyceride levels in the blood. The combination of inflammation and high triglycerides causes plaques and narrowing of blood vessels. As this occurs, the blood vessels begin to stiffen and blood pressure rises, causing damage to organs and tissues throughout the body. Several of the ingredients in the formulation have decreased triglycerides by as much as 40% in some clinical studies. Further, powerful genetic pathways are activated, such as PON1, which can heal damage to arteries and reverse the damage caused by inflammation. Another powerful genetic pathway that is activated is the Nrf2 pathway, which is the bodies built in system to rid the body of dangerous free radicals and the inflammation they cause. [6] [8] [7] [12] [14] [19] [23] [25] [26] [28] [30] [31] [37] [39]

GlucoEnsure M.D. Contributes to Weight Management and Reduces Deadly Organ Fat
Many studies have been performed that show the ingredients in GlucoEnsure MD can help to get rid of unwanted body fat. In several studies, participants lost over 10 pounds of body fat in an eight-week period. There are several ways that the ingredients help to reduce body fat. The first is that it’s been shown that several of the ingredients decrease glucose uptake by the fat cells in the body. As the fat cells take in less glucose, they begin to shrink in size. In addition, oxaloacetate and Gymnema sylvestre, two of the powerful ingredients, directly activate the AMPK pathway. This directly switches your body into fat burning mode. What’s most important is that the fat that is burned comes from the dangerous deep belly fat known as visceral organ fat. This type of fat pumps inflammatory chemicals into the bloodstream and is directly correlated with risk of death. You can begin improving your health today by taking steps to eliminate this type of fat. [9] [14] [19] [21] [34] [35]

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  •  Reduces glucose absorbtion in the intestines
  •  Reduces glucose production in the liver
  •  Increases glucose uptake in the cells
  •  Promotes heart, blood vessel and circulatory health
  •  Contributes to weight management 
  •  Produces glucose protein deposits 
  •  Gives you the energy you need to make a lifestyle change
The Ultimate Glucose Regulation System For Type 2 Diabetics
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